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  • Kids Sr Batch 02

    Price: 4450

    Duration: 5 days

    Time: 9.30 AM to 11 AM

    Date: 1-6-2020 to 5-6-2020

    Seats Left : 18 Seats

Japanese Kids Camp - Senior

Course Fee: 4450
Proficiency Level: Kids
Course Details

Hayakawa Kids - Senior course for those young kids who already joined any primary school / completerd Japanese Kids Camp for Junior. We start with Japanese alphabets and simple greetings. Kids can enjoy Japanese songs, origami, anime, manga etc. 

Syllabus covers:

#  Review of Hiragana
# Japanese Alphabet - Katakana
#  Greetings
#  Self -intro
#  Basic Grammar 
#  Date & Month
#  Daily Routine
#  Crafts
#  Events


  1. C-JAT I full textbook set
  2. After this course students can Join C-JAT I Regular batch
  3. Text book cost will be reduced while joining C-JAT I

Courses Name: Japanese Kids Camp - Senior

Proficiency: Basic 

Eligibility: 8 years to 12 years  

Faculty: Professional Japanese Language Teachers

Batch Size: 15 Students (on first come first serve basis)

Materials:  C-JAT I Textbook Set

Fee: Rs. 4,450/- (All inclusive)

Early-bird Offer: Rs. 3,972 (All inclusive) for payments received 10 days prior to the program

Contact us for more details +91 8939 990770 / contact@hayakawa.in