Comprehensive Japanese Test (C-JAT) will evaluate examinees reading, writing (typing), listening and speaking skills where as Japanese language proficiency test (JLPT) will evaluate your reading and listening skills only.

C-JAT Levels JLPT Levels Proficiency
C1 N5 Basic
C2 N4 Intermediate
C3 N3 Advance
C4 N2 Business
C5 N1 Fluent
Online-interactive Regular Distance
Mode of study Online Classroom Self-paced
Textbooks included Yes Yes Yes
Live Broadcast videos Yes Yes Yes
On-demand Recorded videos Yes Yes Yes
Free 1 year student subscription Yes Yes Yes
Free 1 time C-JAT Exam Yes Yes Yes
Course Completion Certificate Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Learning Environment Yes Yes No
Dedicated Teachers Yes Yes No
Graded assignments Yes Yes No
Class Tests Yes Yes No

Yes, it's included in the course.

There won't be any demo classes but we do have sample videos of the classes which you can access through Hayakawa website.

Yes, with additional cost of Rs.3,000

No, you'll only get the hard copies of the materials sent to your address.

- English medium by professional Indian teachers for C1 & C2 levels
- Japanese medium by professional native Japanese teachers for C3 to C5

Students must be at least studying 8th Standard or 12+ years.

You'll get the Early-Bird offer if you join the course 10 days prior to the program and Advance booking offer 90 days prior to the program.

Each class will be recorded so you can access the on-demand recorded videos post 48 hours via Hayakawa student portal.

You'll get the course completion certificate once you complete the level and you can also take 1-time free C-JAT exam via your Hayakawa student portal. Both the certificates are downloadable and LinkedIn sharable.

It’s an online examination so you can take it up from anywhere.

1. Log in to your LinkedIn account, then go to view profile.
2. Scroll down to Licenses & Certifications and click + to Add license or certification.
3. In Name, enter the name of the course or C-JAT level.
4. In Issuing Organization, enter "Hayakawa Japanese Language School & Cultural Center".
5. In Issue Date, enter the month and year from your certificate.
6. Select the checkbox This credential does not expire.
7. Enter certificate Id in the Credential ID field.
8. In Certification URL, enter