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  • C1 WD Batch 60

    Price: 6786

    Duration: 2 Months

    Time: M-W-F, 4 PM to 6 PM

    Date: 8-3-2021 to 10-5-2021

    Seats Left : 3 Seats

  • C1 WD Batch 61

    Price: 5724

    Duration: 1 Month

    Time: M-F, 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM

    Date: 26-4-2021 to 4-6-2021

    Seats Left : 18 Seats

  • C1 WD Batch 62

    Price: 5724

    Duration: 2 Months

    Time: M-W-F, 11 AM to 1 PM

    Date: 24-5-2021 to 30-7-2021

    Seats Left : 18 Seats

C-JAT I (Basic) - Weekdays

Course Fee: 6786
Proficiency Level: C1
Course Details

JLPT N5 TextbookJapanese Hiragana & Katakana TextbookJLPT N5 Kanji Textbook

C-JAT I is the basic course for beginners. We start with Japanese alphabets (Hiragana & Katakana), Typing Japanese characters, 120 Kanji (Pictorial Characters), Listening and speaking around in this course. The student has to master the basic elements of grammar and 800 vocabularies, will gain the ability to take part in basic communication in Japanese and to read, write, listen & to speak simple short sentences in Japanese.

Courses Name: C-JAT I

Proficiency: Basic Level

Eligibility: Beginner (Previous knowledge of Japanese is not required)

Minimum Age: No bar

Faculty: Professional Indian & Native Japanese Teachers

Batch Size: 18 Students (on first come first serve basis)

Materials: Hayakawa Simply Japanese C-JAT I Text book,  multimedia interactive CD, Kana Work Book  &  Kanji Book.

Free: 1 year online subscrption worth Rs. 2,000/-

Fee: Rs. 6,786/- (All inclusive)

Early-bird Offer: Rs. 5,724 (All inclusive) for payments received 10 days prior to the program

Prerequisites: Tab/Laptop with windows 7 or higher/Mac OSX is must for typing classes

PS: Conversation class timings may vary from the given schedule.