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  • DC5 Batch 2019

    Price: 62652.32

    Duration: 27 Months

    Time: As per schedule

    Date: 1-1-2019 to 1-1-2020

    Seats Left : 18 Seats

Direct C5

Course Fee: 62653
Course Details

Direct C5 is the basic to fluent level Japanese course for beginners. In this course the student will join C-JAT I the basic course and continue till C-JAT V the highest level in Comprehensive Japanese Test. The course will start with Japanese alphabets (Hiragana & Katakana), Typing Japanese characters, 2000 Kanji (Pictorial Characters), Listening and speaking. The student has to master the advance elements of grammar and 10,000 vocabularies, will gain the ability to take part in fluent Japanes communication and to read, write, type, listen & to speak fluently in Japanese. The students will be eligible to take-up JLPT N1 exam after completion of this course.

Courses Name: Direct C1

Proficiency: Basic to Fluent level

Eligibility: Beginner (Previous knowledge of Japanese is not required)

Faculty: Professional Indian & Native Japanese Teachers

Materials: Japanese Text books & multimedia interactive CD, Work Books etc.

Direct Offer: C1 Rs. 7,848  + C2 Rs. 11,934 + C3 Rs. 15,696 C4 Rs. 19,620 + C5 Rs. 24,120 Rs. 79,218  Rs. 62,652/- save Rs. 16,566/-

Prerequisites: Laptop with windows 7 or higher/Mac OSX is must for typing classes

Terms&Conditions: The maximum time limit for completing this course is 36 months.

Contact us for more details +91 8939 990 770 / contact@hayakawa.in

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