NEWS >> Honorable Consul-General of Japan in Chennai, Mr. Muneo Takahashi, Visits Hayakawa – A Memorable Event in our Chronicle

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Honorable Consul-General of Japan in Chennai, Mr. Muneo Takahashi, Visits Hayakawa – A Memorable Event in our Chronicle


26 May 2024

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Hayakawa is delighted to share the exhilarating news that yesterday, we had the distinct honor of welcoming Mr. Muneo Takahashi,  Consul-General, Consulate-General of Japan in Chennai, accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Takahashi, for their inaugural visit to Hayakawa. This visit marks a significant moment in our journey, reflecting the deepening ties between Hayakawa and Consulate-General of Japan in Chennai.

Upon their arrival, Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi were warmly greeted by our faculty and staff. They were then given an extensive tour of our state-of-the-art digital classroom environment. During their visit, the Consul-General and his wife had the opportunity to observe a live session of our C1 Batch 200, which includes a hybrid mix of exuberant young students participating in the Offline OKAYA Scholarship scheme and professionals from IT, technical, and non-technical backgrounds who primarily attend live online interactive classes.

Yesterday’s classroom session was a particularly engaging one, focusing on oral communication and dialogue delivery. The session, led by Anuja-sensei, included interactive quizzes and discussions that captivated the students and showcased their enthusiasm and proficiency in the Japanese language. The Consul-General was particularly impressed by the spontaneous and lively interactions between the students and sensei, which highlighted the effectiveness of our teaching methods.

In addition to observing the class, Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi were introduced to Hayakawa’s unique classroom setup. They noted the comfortable seating arrangements, the modern teaching aids, and the innovative practices that make learning at Hayakawa both effective and enjoyable. We also presented our specially designed "Hayakawa Simply Japanese" textbooks and materials, which have been instrumental in facilitating comprehensive language learning.

Shimizu-sensei provided an insightful presentation on Hayakawa’s significant events of 2023-24. These events have been crucial for fostering Japanese cultural knowledge exchange and have included various cultural activities, workshops, and celebrations that bring the essence of Japan closer to our students.

One of the highlights of the visit was the display of illustration sketches from last month’s contest. These sketches, created by our talented students, were showcased prominently and demonstrated their exquisite portraiture skills and creative expression. Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi were highly appreciative of the artistic talent displayed and took a keen interest in the various artworks.

Furthermore, the Consul-General and his wife were given a detailed explanation of the Comprehensive Japanese Test (C-JAT) an online exam developed by Hayakawa, including their structure, significance, and the advanced online learning aids that Hayakawa provides to support students in their preparation. This discussion underscored our commitment to maintaining high standards of language education and ensuring that our students are well-prepared for any Japanese proficiency exams.

The visit culminated in a warm and lively discussion about our future projects and initiatives. Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi expressed their admiration for Hayakawa’s innovative teaching methodology, dynamic events, and the forward-thinking approach we adopt in all our endeavors. Their presence and positive feedback have been a vibrant and motivating experience for everyone at Hayakawa.

This memorable visit has not only strengthened our relationship with the Japanese Consulate but also inspired us to continue striving for excellence in providing world-class Japanese language education. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi for their visit and their encouraging words. Hayakawa is excited about its future programs and looks forward to inviting the Consul-General of Japan in Chennai for more innovative events and exciting developments.