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200th Batch Inauguration and Public Release of C-JAT Examination

200th Batch Inauguration and Public Release of C-JAT Examination

14 April 2024

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Hayakawa Japanese Language School and Cultural Center celebrated a momentous occasion on April 14th, 2024, with the inauguration of its 200th batch of C-JAT I and public release of Comprehensive Japanese Test (C-JAT). The event, held at the school premises, was a blend of tradition, celebration, and educational fervor.

The festivities commenced with the age-old tradition of Vishukkani, a symbolic practice signifying auspicious beginnings. Students from the commemorative 200th batch had the honor of partaking in this special ritual, embracing the cultural essence of the Malayalam New Year.

Distinguished Guests Illuminate the Occasion

Ms. Yuko Shimizu, in her welcome address, set the stage for an eventful evening, while the lighting of the Kuthuvilakku by esteemed guests added a touch of reverence to the proceedings. Among the dignitaries were Mr. Kenji Miyata, Deputy Consul-General from the Consulate General of Japan in Chennai, Ms. Parvathy from Okaya Co. India Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Junnosuke Urabe from Uchimura Co. Ltd., and Ms. Yuka Ikeda from Sharp Business Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

In his presidential address, His Excellency Mr. Kenji Miyata lauded the school's commitment to Japanese language education and congratulated Hayakawa for pioneering the Comprehensive Japanese Test (C-JAT) exam. Mr. Chenthil Kumar elaborated on the significance of C-JAT, emphasizing its accessibility to the public and the myriad opportunities it unlocks for language learners.

Personal Journeys and Learning Adventures

Adding a personal touch to the event, Mr. Balakumaran shared his enriching journey with Hayakawa and the transformative impact of the C-JAT exam. His insights resonated deeply with attendees, offering valuable perspectives on language learning and professional growth.

Embarking on a New Learning Journey

The inauguration culminated in the commencement of the 200th beginner-level batch, led by Ms. Anuja Sundar. Sponsored by Okaya Co. India Pvt. Ltd., this batch welcomed eager students, including those from schools and colleges, keen on exploring the Japanese language. The interactive session set an engaging tone for the upcoming classes, promising a fulfilling learning experience for all participants.

A Gracious Finale

Expressing heartfelt gratitude, Ms. Lisha M extended thanks to the organizers, guests of honor, and participants, marking the end of a memorable session. The day concluded with a delightful Sadhya, a traditional Kerala-style meal, fostering camaraderie and cultural exchange among guests.

The inauguration of the 200th batch of C-JAT I not only symbolizes a milestone for Hayakawa Japanese Language School and Cultural Center but also reflects the enduring spirit of language education and cross-cultural understanding. As the institution continues to pave the way for language enthusiasts, the legacy of C-JAT shines brightly, illuminating paths to new horizons.